*Learn about the history of SAFEhouse Arts by checking out Joe’s interview with Stance on Dance*


SAFEhouse (Saving Art from Extinction) for the Performing Arts is a cooperative community arts organization with a special focus on contemporary dance and provides creative space for a diverse range of Bay Area artists through residencies, events, skill-building and leadership. Our work is dedicated to promoting arts education and building a vibrant and inclusive San Francisco arts community.


SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts was founded in 2007 at The Garage (975 Howard St. SF) in San Francisco and later relocated to 715 Bryant St. SF. In 2014, SAFEhouse closed the Garage and opened SAFEhouse Arts at 1 Grove St. (formerly KUNST –STOFF Arts).

RAW (resident artist workshop) was the first program that SAFEhouse Arts created and has supported over 800 groups since it was founded. Also founded in the beginning was SPF (summer performance festival), which features new work by RAW artists and has been produced at the ODC Theater and the Joe Goode Annex.

Also in 2007, SAFEhouse Arts began producing AIRspace, a residency program for queer performance. AIRspace was founded at the former Jon Sims Center in 1987 and is the longest running residency program for queer artist in the United States.

SAFEhouse co-produced 24 Days of Central Market Arts (2010-2012), which later became Central Market NOW, a free, monthly arts and culture event. In 2013, SAFEhouse also began producing the West Wave Festival, which is the Bay Area’s longest running dance festival.

In 2017, SAFEhouse Arts signed a 15-year lease to open a new venue at 145 Eddy St., in the heart of San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. Funding for the new venue was provided by the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Grants for the Arts, the Northern California Community Loan Fund, the Community Arts Stabilization Trust (CAST) and the SF Arts Commission.