RAW (resident artist workshop)

What is RAW? 

RAW stands for Resident Artist Workshop. In this program, SAFEhouse Arts and the artist agree to the following: 

  • The artist will perform material that is their original work. 
  • The artist is free from the control and direction of SHA. The artist is in total control of their creative process and their performance. 
  • The artist retains the rights to their intellectual property that was created in connection with the performance. 
  • SHA reserves the right to document the performance and may use that documentation for archival and marketing purposes. 
    • SHA reserves the right to use any photos/videos submitted by the artist for promotional purposes.
    • The artist waves their right to approve the final product of photos/videos used. 
  • The artist will be paid for their work on the date of the performance as a W9 contractor. 


SAFEhouse Arts also offers a work exchange program for rehearsal space. RAW artists who are interested in free rehearsal space are encouraged to apply for this program, in which they perform volunteer hours in exchange for FREE rehearsal space. 

Artists can volunteer for any of the following tasks:

  • House managing for a show(s) 
  • Cleaning the studio before or after their rehearsal time 
  • Writing the program for a show 
  • Working on a special project 

Are you a current artist looking for information regarding your residency, such as forms, calendars, etc? CLICK HERE