SAFEhouse Lead Artists

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Lead Artist Manifesto

This is a living document that was created by SAFEhouse artists for SAFEhouse artists. It is the intention of the organization to transition all of their residencies to a legal cooperative model in the state of California by July 2021. 

SAFEhouse Arts should be an advocate for Bay Area QTPOC performing artists and their needs and desires should be at the forefront of SAFEhouse’s efforts to build a stronger community rooted in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

SAFEhouse artists feel passionately that children in the Tenderloin should have access to arts education through free workshops and opportunities to perform.

SAFEhouse Arts will reflect a wide spectrum of socio-economic representation and diversity in regards to gender, race, and age. This vision is supported by a Board of Directors that is composed of equally varying backgrounds.

SAFEhouse will promote a culture of abundance in regards to funding and art-creation.

SAFEhouse artists are dedicated to creating a strong and diverse cooperative that supports the needs of it’s artist members. 

The SAFEhouse Arts Cooperative will be an inclusive, round-table group of artists that contribute equally and have opportunities to vote on all SAFEhouse issues as well as contribute through membership dues that do not create hardship.

SAFEhouse strives to have transparent relationships between artists, staff, and leadership. These mutually supportive relationships are a foundational part of SAFEhouse’s mission. The SAFEhouse artists pledge to hold SAFEhouse staff and leadership accountable through ongoing evaluations that are systemic.  

SAFEhouse Arts will make every effort to legally operate as a cooperative in California beginning in July 2021 by upholding the organization’s mission and providing legal protection for cooperative members.