SAFEhouse Arts will be teaching a weekly Event/Horizon lab on Saturdays (contributing on zoom is encouraged) beginning Aug 21 for thirteen weeks. The labs will be inspired by Amanda White’s 13 Questions/Prompts and each Event/Horizon collaborator will select a question/prompt to exchange ideas, instructions and offer feedback. Contributions can be sent by post (love letters, postcards with instructions, sketches) or electronically (prompts on IG, zoom rehearsals).

13 Prompts
The weekly labs will develop 13 individual choreographic threads that will unfold during a 13 hour installation on Nov 13. All collaborators are welcome to perform on Zoom during the installation (artists will be assigned slots, depending on their time zones) and the event will be live-streamed.


OCT 30
Amanda K. White (LIVE @ 145 EDDY ST) @ 3-5pm

Zoom Link For Amanda White Lab Nov 6

Check out the Shuffle Collective!

See Full Event Website

Please take a look at our instructional video below. The password is 13Threads